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Show Jumping Horses

Show jumping horses have become sensational because of the unique depiction of horses’ abilities and riders’ talents. In the upcoming Olympics in 2020, show jumping will be a great event, especially for bettors to cash in. Here is everything you need to know about sports betting in show jumping.

Showjumping Horse

The Most Popular Show Jumps

Horse jumping is an elite sport that for many years has been associated with royal families. The show jumps are decorated and positioned to pose serious challenges to the horse and its rider. Some of the most popular show jumps include:

  • Cross rails: The horses jump over cross rails.
  • Verticals: This show combines a number of jumps that comprise of parallel rails between two jump standards.
  • Open water jumps: This jump consists of a rectangular or square water clearing that requires the horse to jump wide as opposed to high.
  • Walls: Here, the horse is required to jump over a wall that is decorated to look like a brick. They look really intimidating though lightweight and easy to fall.

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The Best Horse Breed for Jumping

Today, there are many breeds of horses that have been successful in show jumping. But to increase the chances of winning especially in top competitions such as the Olympics, it is advisable to go for the best. Here are the top five show jumping horses.

  1. Hanoverian Horse

The Hanoverian horse is one of the best for Olympic horse jumping. Its balanced character and beautiful appearance make it one of the top-rated breeds. It has a German heritage and is trained strictly to steer it towards excellence. It is about 1.65 inches tall, has long and thick neck, and mid-sized head.

  1. Dutch Warmblood

This is another top show jumping horse that rarely disappoints on the course during competitions. It is very beautiful, light in weight and has impressive temperament. Its height is 63 inches and features a muscular and arched neck.

  1. Holsteiner Horse

This is one of the old and well-respected horses for show jumping events. Though heavier compared to the other two horses outlined above, its structure is elegant and is also very obedient. It measures 68 inches tall, has an arched neck, and very powerful hind legs.

  1. Oldenburg Horse

One of the many show jumping horses that does exemplary well in jump shows. Initially, it was bred for dragging carts. The horse measures 70 inches tall, has well-formed hooves, and features very strong muscular legs that makes it a great jumping option.

  1. Westphalian Horses

This is another horse of German origin. It has become popular for great performance in many international competitions such as Olympic. It measures 70 inches in height and has an excellent structure that makes it one of the most beautiful ponies for show jumping competitions.

  1. Lusitano

This horse has its origin in the Iberian Peninsula. Previously it was preferred for its unique war abilities. It is a 64 inch tall horse with an attractive head, thick neck, strong shoulders, and very powerful hindquarters.

Types of Competitions

Since the first horse show jumpingof 1907 that was held in England, many events including the Olympicshave been developed to test the riders and their jumping horses. Here are the main types of competition that you should know:

  • Grand Prix: This is considered the highest level of horse show jumping. The horses jump courses of between 10 and 16 obstacles. The Grand Prix competitions include the National Cup Series, Olympics and Word Equestrian Games.
  • Speed Derby: In speed derby competitions, the focus is getting to finish the race within the shortest time possible while overcoming jumping challenges on the course.
  • Steeplechase Competition: This competition started in Ireland around the 18th Century. The competitions are run as cross country featuring major jumps.
  • The Puissance Show jump competition: This is a progressive high-jump competition that is made of short courses that end in the final puissance wall. After clearing the first round, the rider and his horse moves to the next round where the puissance is raised.

Betting on Horse Racing Competitions

If you fancy horse racing competitions such as show jumping horses in the Olympics, you can also place bets via legal online casino sites. Online sports betting come with some key advantages such as a comprehensive analysis of horses and riders. The online casinos also offer regular promotions such as the no deposit casino bonus that allow bettors to bet for free and win real money. Check out these guys to get the best casino bonuses. To enjoy the casino bonuses, it is important to also check their attached rules. You can check out the best casino bonuses here.

From the Olympics to steeplechase competitions, show jumping competitions present a great way to enjoy, bet, and win real money. Make sure to join a legal online casino of choice to take advantage of multiple casino bonuses to bet for free.

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